Dr Dorothy Logie has just returned from Zambia. She presented the computers donated by local people to her colleague Mrs Marie Rose Ntigura who is the co coordinator of the Mazabuka Palliative team. Mazabuka is a town in the Southern Province of Zambia. You will see both of them in the group photo, taken when they visited the palliative care team at Livingstone Hospital in Zambia. Marie Rose is on the left. You will see how delighted she is with the computers in the other one.

Palliative Care Team

Palliative Care Team MAZABUKA

Marie Rose is delighted to have her computers and is very grateful. She is now able to store information, collate all the details of the palliative care team’s work, prepare reports and email, as well as access the internet, when it is available. The smaller one, she can carry around with her and use on field trips and  when visiting patients in their homes as well as in her work in the hospital.

Marie Rose

Marie Rose with Rotary Laptop

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