Outward Bound 2013

Outward Bound 2013

Outward Bound Team on their return from Wales.


The intention of St Ives Rotary Club when we started this Project, was to do something for Students who may be unable through no fault of their own, may never have the opportunity to experience this sort of Activity.
We asked local Schools to seek out those that they thought may benefit most from attending this Course.
Our Aim was to give help and professional Guidance to those who may have been Young Carers, perhaps those with ability, who just needed a nudge in the right direction or some who’s families may have had Financial restrictions.
Hopefully getting them to understand the benefits of Teamwork to gain Confidence in making decisions and to generally feel Good about themselves in any Company.
We have over the past six years sent SIXTY Students on this Course and almost without exception they have returned very much in charge of their feelings and Confident.

Some of the letters from the students to the club:


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