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(Thursday) March and  October of each year.

Money raised so far £35,000

Next Quiz Date Thursday  March 2017.


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Entry Fee £10 per team.
As many team members as you like with no maximum.
A charity donation of £3 per team member on the night.

Start time 8.00 pm.
Three twenty minute sessions with a ten minute break between sessions for
reporting scores to base.

Each session will ask questions as follows:-

Session 1 – General Knowledge

Session 2 – Natural World

Session 3 – Pot Luck

One point will be awarded for each correct answer which can only be given by the
team captain. Each team will be given the same questions in the same order and
can answer as many of the 65 questions as they can in the session.

The overall winners will be the team getting the most correct answers on the night. In the event of a tie the team getting the most points in the last session will
win. If a tie on that basis then on the 2nd session scores, if still a tie then the team with the greatest membership ie the largest charity donation will be the winners.
Questions will be asked by a visiting quizmaster whose decision is final. For an answer to be correct the exact wording must be given.
Up to date scores and positions will be given at each interval between sessions.

First prize – £250 to the charity of the winning teams choice with a prize for the team of a case of 12 bottles of wine and a commemorative plaque.
Second prize – £125 to charity of teams choice with a case of 6 bottles of wine
for the team.
Third to Ninth prizes – £75, £50, £45, £40, £35, £30 and £25 respectively to
charity of teams choice.
There will be a special prize of £100 to the charity of the teams choice for the
team having the most members making a donation on the night.
No team can win more than one money prize.
All other proceeds are allocated to other good causes supported by Rotary.


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